Awesome Shooting time.=)

It is the time to blog out my shooting time in tis new post.
Modelling perfect my life and I love shooting.
WOndering would I continue my modelling job after moved to KL?
Would I still got the chance there?
Concentrate my study.
Concentrate my new life.
Concentrate my fun time.
Concentrate all the chances.
Concentrate all of these.

Keep it up,MISS PEDDY=)

Enjoy my pic=)



This is a quite special shooting as wat u knew that bookshop can't be shooting.
Yeah,we made it secretly.Aha.Sry ya.But i found many interesting books there.Blah blah blah.



This time have a shoot with babe vina.So cute she is.Muack.This time we shoot for high fashion.She is boxing then I am iron chain.The iron chain so heavy that u can't be imagined one.But I still can effort it.Love tis so much.Sexy+fashion,wat I really want.



(3) Daniel Ooi

A very special place ,a very funny +relax shooting time.Love tis style too=)


Ok,tat's all.Lazy to show all the pic.Sry a.
View mt fb and u will get it there.

My facebook!/profile.php?id=1564557741


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